Tips for Senior Mobility

The key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible. ~Judith Regan

The key to successful aging is to pay as little attention to it as possible. ~Judith Regan

It can be easy to forget that sometimes moving your body helps not just your physical health but your mental health as well. In seniors more than anyone really, mental health and happiness plays a huge role in their overall health and ability to cope with their various challenges day in, day out. While it can be difficult for some seniors to remain active in the event of having knee, joint, hip or bone problems, there are a number of ways they can still remain slightly active, even if they aren’t out doing digging in their gardens, climbing stairs or the like. Here are some easy activities that most seniors can do, even if they can’t stand for long or walk very far.

Gentle Walking

Gentle walking can be a great way for almost every senior to get exercise without overdoing it. Even if they are just walking to the end of the garden or the end of the street and back again, it’s a great way to get the legs moving and get them up and about. Another great way they can get gentle walking in is to go shopping, but with the added security and assistance of a mobility scooter so they can rest when necessary and use the scooter for longer distances. This can be great to get them out of the house and doing something a bit different which goes a long way to helping bolster mental and physical health as well.

Arm Exercises

If your senior or seniors can’t walk much at all, arm exercises are a great way to get them moving at least a little bit. Small amounts of weights can be added either in the form of small dumbbells or lifting light books and the like. Arm exercises can either be vertical repeats of pushing arms up and down or horizontal with pushing the arms out and back in.


This one is for your slightly more mobile seniors. Aquafit is a great way to get out and active with a whole community of other like minded people. Aquafit works in the sense that it uses the water and your own body’s natural resistance to work the muscles and joints, resulting in a great overall workout but with much less strain on the joints and muscles than going for a run or weightlifting in the gym.

So if you’re looking for some great ways to get your seniors active, hopefully these suggestions will go a ways toward helping in getting them out and fit with some easy, fun ways to do so.

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