With the summer now upon us and the mercury beginning to rise, it’s a good time to begin taking stock of how you can help your seniors stay cool and safe in the coming months. Many seniors struggle in the heat and it can cause a significant amount of health issues and even cause the need for hospitalization. Here are a couple of ways you can make heat safety fun for not just seniors, but for you as well.
Plan Exercise Times Accordingly
Do you and your seniors like to get out and go for a stroll? Try to plan this before the hottest part of the day. Check your local area’s climate and temperature as the hottest part of the day can differ from place to place. A general rule of thumb is to avoid the sun between 11- 3pm when it’s at its strongest. This will mean your seniors stay cooler and out of the intense heat. After all, who doesn’t like a morning stroll to get the paper or pick up the coffee from the local shop?
Likewise, if your senior is active and likes to get out for exercise, consider getting them to switch up their routine in the summer to going swimming at a local indoor pool instead. This will help keep them cooler for longer and still gets them light exercise that they will enjoy.
Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated might sound like a chore but it doesn’t have to be. Consider whipping up a batch of lemonade or other appropriate drinks for your seniors. Be sure to check dietary requirements regarding sugar intakes and adjust recipes appropriately. Did you know you can eat certain types of flowers, not just in salads, but also in things like iced tea? Lavender, rose and bourgainvillea all can be eaten or drank in teas that can be iced and make a pretty, interesting and different way to help stay both hydrated and cool.
Plan Indoor Activities
Do you have a senior who likes games, be they card, board or word? Consider picking up a new game for you to play indoors with the fan or air conditioner on. Perhaps they even have their own suggestions for a game they’d heard of and want to try and you could make your early morning shopping trip include stopping off to pick it up!
Gardening Tips In The Heat
Most seniors have a garden that they like to potter around in and it can be a great way for them to spend their time doing something they enjoy while being active and productive. Try to encourage them to keep their gardening work for later afternoons when the sun begins to fade, or for early mornings before it gets too strong. You can also help them to complete gardening tasks that may tire them quickly - such as lugging watering cans or watering things that are up a bit high. Keep in mind that in very hot conditions plants need to be watered at the cooler parts of the day (morning/late afternoon or evening) so that the water doesn’t simply evaporate, doing little to no good for the plant.

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